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Ari is an excellent salesman, public speaker, and tenacious networker. He has spent the last decade immersing himself in the study of the esport and video gaming industries so as to develop the keen foresight necessary to enable him to recognize and bring together the essential players to make his company's vision a success.

Ben brings his 28 years of entrepreneurial experience and creativity along with his powerful network of advisors and mentors to all of his projects. His strength lies in his ability to think outside the box. He not only comes up with innovative solutions to problems, but he also has a unique ability to creatively finesse logistics to bring those innovations to life with even the most minimal resources.

Karen is a consultant/independent assessor with Responsible Solutions, LLC. and the former Director of Responsible Gambling at the Ohio Lottery where she recently retired after 31 years. She held positions in communications, sales, outreach, philanthropy, regulation, public policy, regulation, and responsible gambling. Ms. Russo was integral in creating the Criminal Court Gambling Addiction Diversion Program in Ohio, which launched in October 2022. Her experience includes public relations, promotions, communications, sales, government relations, regulation, philanthropy, and social responsibility. She has worked with the media, major league sports, consumers, and the gambling industry in various capacities. This experience has given her a well-rounded prospective of the gaming industry.

Ari Fox

Ben Fox

Karen Russo

The Fox Brothers have worked in the casino industry for over twenty-two years. Over the last six years, they have expanded their purview into creating multiple events focusing on video game developers and eSport tournaments at a B-2-B and B-2-C event called Gameacon. Gameacon Events are held exclusively in casino venues proving that the two environments are compatible. While creating this necessary outlet for the gamer community, the Fox brothers have forged relationships with people in the eSport industry with their expert hands-on approach to all levels of this emerging market. Their insight and connections have provided the unmatched expertise needed to help the Casino industry grow the roots of the solid foundation they will need to enter the esports environment. Working within both worlds for so many years allows the Fox Brothers a unique ability to see a way forward towards forging a symbiotic partnership between eSports and casino venues that must change to draw this millennial generation and beyond.

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